iOS 17 leaked

Although Apple has only just started rolling out the iOS 16.3 update, some features of iOS 17 have been leaked, as well as a couple of interesting facts about the next Apple mobile operating system. If everything is true, the software will debut this September with the iPhone 15 series, but we can already gain a superficial insight into the upcoming system.

From a visual point of view, there will be no revolutionary innovations and the new system will look almost exactly like the current one. In the case of iOS 17, the focus will be more on stability and efficiency, and during its development, attention will also be paid to ensure that it supports Apple’s augmented reality/virtual reality headset as best as possible. Of course, the apple company is also making something like this.

That is why iOS 17 will receive a new, dedicated application, which will be made especially for the headset by the employees of the Cupertino company. It will be something like what was made for the Apple Watch, but with significantly more features, if the source is to be believed. It looks like the Home application is also being renewed, significant changes can be expected.

The Music application will also be renewed, which may receive new improvements related to in-app navigation. The Email app will be a little simpler, but Reminders and Files will also be improved, although it is not yet known in what exact way. The Fitness and Wallet applications are also renewed.

iOS 17 is based on six smartphones equipped with dynamic insulation, two of which are already available on the market, the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Unless somehow a special new notch is installed on the previous models, then all members of the iPhone 15 series will have a dynamic island, which means that we will finally say goodbye to the sensor island.

The leaked code for iOS 17 even reveals that all four new iPhones will be equipped with USB-C connectors, but only two of them will support the USB 3.2 standard, which is, you guessed it, the Pro and Pro Max. The rest mobile will also have a USB-C port, but their data transfer speed will be the same as that of the current lightning connectors.

As always, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the top predator in the series, which will debut with more advanced image processing software and better cooling compared to the regular Pro model, the latter probably being made, if nothing else, at least partly possible by the fact that the phone is physically larger has size.

Source: GSMArena

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