It looks like we can expect a surprise announcement about Quake soon

QuakeCon is coming

Although Microsoft has since acquired Bethesda through ZeniMax, this does not mean that QuakeCon, the show originally launched by id Software, is over, as the 3-day event will take place on 19 August year, will also be kept in digital form. In addition to these many other Bethesda games and performances, a separate panel will be dedicated to this year’s 25-year-old Quake. Another will announce a “revitalized version” of the classic FPS in a leak.

Will be held from 30 a Let’s talk Quake panel having: August 20, Friday, program was originally uploaded description is included in the US IGN reports that, “The Quake return to the framework of this special stream for John Linneman! from the Digital Foundation, he talks to Jerk Gustaffson, the developer of MachineGames, about the game’s iconic legacy and what it means to the two of them. They also talk about how MachineGames contributed to the revitalized release of [Quake]. “

If we now visit the QuakeCon schedule and click on the Let’s talk Quake panel, we see that the “revitalized edition” has been removed from the text. Of course, the internet is not forgotten, and if we look back with the help of, there is also the mentioned part in the description. What could it be? We’re thinking of a minimal remastered version or something similar to Quake 2 . Obviously, a remake would also come in handy. Still, the revitalized one might rather refer to a refurbished version. Anyway, we’ve got similar unofficial info recently, so let’s hope so!

Quake was originally released in 1996, id the Software rode the success of Doom 1-2 with it, but it was a forward-looking game in many ways (such as its control and weapons), not a simple Doom clone, and it increased the multi-madness in the next level. Of course, a massive cult surrounded Quake 3, whose multiplayer mode (more precisely, it was already sharpened to multi) has matured into evergreens. The most recent Quake game was Quake Champions, which debuted in 2017 on PC. 

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