“It wasn’t the biggest decision of our lives”: Justice League producer testified about removing Henry Cavil’s mustache with CGI

Lots of things contributed to the wrong decision

After Zack Snyder left the filming of the League of Justice due to a sad family tragedy, Joss Whedon sat in the director’s chair and re-filmed plenty of scenes. Whedon has been criticized in retrospect by several actors, but the extra catch was, on some level, a funny side-drive, a hairstyle formed around Superman’s moustache. Krypton superhero Henry Cavill was dragged back from shooting the extra scenes from Mission Impossible: Aftermath. Still, in MI, his character wore a pretty little facial hair and the film’s producer Paramount wouldn’t let him shave it. So the filmmakers of the DC film had to remove the moustache with CGI, and it didn’t do too well.

In a recent interview, one of the film’s producers, Charles Roven, admitted that it wasn’t the best decision for them and explained why they couldn’t wait until Cavill finished filming Mission Impossible and could reshoot the hairless face. scenes. “They were very complicated scenes. They were very complicated in terms of their structure and the recordings, and of course, there was also the hope that Henry would shave his facial hair. We were apprehensive that we would not be able to do this in a not conspicuous way. “And we were really right that we were worried about that. Opening the movie with Superman so that his face looks weird – I wouldn’t say it was the biggest decision of our lives.”

According to Roven, who also produced the Suicide Squad producer, who made his debut this week, they had to know the replacement of the Justice League as soon as possible because the November 2017 premiere was also vital for the studio, distributors and cinemas. “This decision was made, and a lot of things contributed to it, as opposed to preserving the film. This decision was made because we had to preserve the premiere date, all the promotional partners who expected that date, all the cinemas who timed things for that period. “IMAX was counting on that, Christmas was approaching, and Warner Bros. had a lot of revenue at the time. They didn’t have a big Christmas blockbuster to replace it with.” (Source: Collider )

We’ve seen a filming photo of Henry Cavill’s moustache, Superman, since the film premiered, and this year effects gurus have glued back under the actor’s nose what Warner’s CGIs have taken from there.

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