It’s becoming increasingly certain that Microsoft is preparing to release Windows 11

According to several leakers, Microsoft’s event at the end of June is not a simple Windows update. Instead, Windows 11 will be introduced.

Although Microsoft has not yet released any details, it has revealed that on June 24th, it will be preparing for a major online event starring windows and the future of the operating system. Secrecy alone isn’t surprising, but the things behind it do.

So far, the scenario has seemed likely that Redmond’s company is only introducing a new update that will add more features and give the software a new look that has looked almost the same for years. But based on the news in recent days and the latest rumours, the presentation is actually.

will be about Windows 11.

This theory is reinforced by information from one of the best-known leakers, Evan Blass, who wrote that the software presented at the press event is no longer called Windows 10 by Microsoft.

Another leaker pointed out that in a teasing article released by Microsoft, the shadow in front of the window moves just as much as it does to, e.g. a number 11. The teaser was shared by Panos Panay, one of the company’s most important people, the director of op systems and devices, but he did not give any specifics.

When Windows 10 was released a few years ago, Microsoft insisted that this last numbered edition of Windows 11 or 12 was not planned. However, that seems to have changed by now.

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