Loki Season 1 Episode 2 Movie Review

Attention! This article may contain SPOILERS for Loki S01E02

Loki throws himself into the TVA mission with a great appetite rather than a compulsion and perhaps even enjoys seeing his every move forward. But do you really see it?

Happenings on a new timeline

Loki’s enigmatic variant packs up more Percembers – this time at the 1985 Wisconsin fair – to steal their timer detonators. Mobius and Loki rush to the scene, and the former quickly realizes that the latter is just mimicking, that is, bringing its form. Loki realizes that with such tricks, she doesn’t do much against the scathing but very dodgy agent, so she puts herself on the front line of work: chewing through the available material and maybe even brewing coffee, but instead, she finds out where the variant you’re looking for might be hiding – in the middle of an apocalyptic event because there’s anything you can do about it. It Will no longer affect what will happen next, i.e. the TVA will not detect your activity.

That’s how our heroes get to 2050, Alabama, where there’s a hurricane in the throes. A Roxcart department store is going to find the wanted variant that, by exposing itself, not only really becomes Lady Loki but also shows why she’s assembled so many detonators to destroy the Holy Timeline by settling and activating them in different places, causing the world to be in chaos.

Marvelous, or goodies!

It is not possible not to smile broadly as Loci is (again) constantly schooled, but this time it is not Thor’s sheer force, but a kind of tired swipe, as if they were trying to re-ingest the cleverness of a small child. Even more, a smile is that the pouty deity becomes a quasi-Harry next to Derrick or Watson Sherlock. Still, as his enthusiasm finally becomes sincere (he also cares who the “impostor” outsmarted the TVA), the investigation becomes more interesting.

The harmony between Mobius and Loki deepens, and the two characters converge – Mobius turns out not only to be an unsalted pusher but Loki to devote his boundless wit to something useful. In the episode, the “not everything is bad is bad, not all good is good”, which can be easily projected onto the complexity of their characters. And you can’t help but notice the tear that appears in the corner of Loki’s eye when she learns about Ragnarok…

Not so Marvelous… or something that didn’t work so well

I need a good action choreographer for this series. Of course, we understand that Loki is primarily based on dialogue because its protagonist can’t keep his mouth shut. Still, when it comes to fighting, its production value or not, Loki suddenly goes down well… to the level of a TV movie. This is particularly striking after the world champion clashes between The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, although there is no doubt that Loki’s dialogues are much better written in return.

Harry, get the car.

What do we expect from the future… or the former?

Well, Lady Loki’s appearance changes a few things – I mean, if it’s really a female variant of Loki, it’s not an impostor. Let’s say at the beginning of the episode it’s obvious that Loki can appear in different forms, so it’s not possible that it’s just a cheater. Still, at the same time, we’re going to be curious to see how the relationship between the two characters is affected by the fact that one of them is female, and the show might as well be a little bold on this issue, but since it’s a Disney+ series, we’d rather guess. That they will remain in the “fraternal sibling”. Because they’re going to be teaming up for a while, that’s for sure.

Another interesting question is what this female Loki wants to achieve by destroying the Holy Timeline – or rather, why she wants to put the space-time continuum into chaos. Let’s hope he has something personal to account for with the Guardians of Time, and we’ll be able to meet them in one of the remaining episodes. Hell, one of them could be Kang.

Cute little horns


The verbal give-and-take, exciting investigation, new perspectives: Loki is yet another proof that the Marvel formula as such doesn’t really exist, and with a few fines, you can be steered in any direction – don’t show up at the end of The Minute People to go back to your usual ways.

Loki is available on Disney+.

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