Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye has arrived!

The next live-action series from MCU arrives in late fall

MCU’s first animated work, What If …?, is currently running on Disney +, but there will even be a live-action series coming from Marvel this year. After WandaVision, The Soldier of the Falcon and Winter, and Loki, the Falcon Eye will also focus on a character who has appeared regularly in franchise films for many years. Still, so far, we have only met him as a supporting character. The series will debut on the streaming platform in late fall, and now the first preview has arrived, which revealed that Falcon’s Eye would take place around Christmas!

Clint Barton, aka Falcon Eye, formed by Jeremy Renner, was first seen in the 2011 Thor (in a cameo scene), then became a member of the Avengers and became close friends with Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow. Barton was very worn out because his family flickered after Thanos clicked and went on a dark road, but in the End Game, he helped restore things. In the new series, he will want to make up for lost time with his family after the flashback, but he can’t escape his past. It will premiere Hawk. Unlike Barton’s true companion pupil and successor, Kate Bishop and Hailee Steinfeld, we will meet Yelena (Florence Pugh), who met the Black Widow this year. Several images of the filming of the Falcon Eye were leaked, in one of which we could see, for example, that the title character would stretch in a comic book costume.

The first episode of the six-part Falcon Eye will debut on Disney + on November 24 and the last on December 29. The show’s runners-up were Jonathan Igla (Mad Men – Advertising Madness), and the director’s chair was Rhys Thomas (Detective Comrade), and Bert and Bertie (Catherine the Great – The Beginnings).

In addition to the preview, there was also a poster with a similar Christmas feel to the series:


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