Microsoft and Google promised $30 billion in Cybersecurity but Apple is silent

In the coming years, the two technology companies will put a noticeable source behind more effective data protection. Apple is considering similar ones, albeit in a somewhat curbed way.

The first people from four major U.S. technology companies, Google, Microsoft, Apple and IBM, attended an important meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden the other day. The consultation aimed to figure out how to strengthen data protection technologies affecting users, especially in the US.

According to Engadget’s report, there have been some very serious sums from two companies: Microsoft has promised a $20 billion budget, and Google has promised $10 billion, and all kinds of help can only get things forward. Apple opted for a slightly more modest tactic, as although they appeared to be cooperative, they did not offer a specific amount of money.

The resources promised now will not be given away: they will be used over the next five years to experiment with new instruments and develop existing ones. Google and IBM will also provide 100,000 Americans and 150,000 Americans with free cyber defence-related materials to gain new qualifications essentially.

The meeting was apropos of several recent cybersecurity incidents in America, including the infamous SolarWinds. The latter was preceded by Russians hacking hundreds of public and private networks under the guidance of carefully recruited IT professionals. According to one report, their number could be somewhere around 1,000. A cybersecurity expert described the incident as the most serious cyber operation- the worst in history.

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