Microsoft releases new Xbox, but you won’t be able to play it

Microsoft launches its new development as Xbox Series Mini— a refrigerator.

The world’s biggest player show, E3, has just started. Organisers missed last year due to the coronavirus outbreak. Still, this year they are already holding the event online- something not only players but also development companies have been preparing for. Microsoft, for example, has a refrigerator.

The Xbox Series Mini product is interestingly in line with the 2020 announcement of the American beer company Anheuser-Busch – that company has announced its own gaming console.

The arrival of a device that resembles an Xbox Series X game console is no joke. Not so much that Microsoft’s Xbox chief marketing officer, Aaron Greenberg, talked back in April about how such a refrigerator would arrive. The video also shows the device coming to market later this summer.

In which countries and for how much Microsoft will offer the refrigerator, it is not yet known.

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