Miyazaki returns from retirement to make one last film

He can't stop. Thank God!

The vast majority of animated film fans were saddened by the news when Miyazaki Hajao announced his retirement from filmmaking. The master’s 80-year-old master’s last job as director was the Oscar-nominated Wind, presented in 2013, which he dreamed of on the big screen based on his comic.

Subsequently, once in 2016, we reported that Master Miyazaki was returning, though he only delighted his fans with Boro the Caterpillar with a 14-minute short film planned for two decades. However, a new full-length film is being made in his hands, based on Josino Genzaburo’s 1937 children’s book.


A How Do You Live? The protagonist is a tiny 15-year-old Tokyo boy who recently lost his father. The master described the film as a “large-scale fantasy,” so we are sure that our mouths will be open again to see the colorful characters and beautiful animations, which of course will be made by hand again …


And this can be seen in the pace of work, as in 2020, the producer of Studio Ghibli said that it would take another at least three years to complete How Do You Live? Miyazaki monitors the birth of every single frame, so we’re sure an amazingly high-quality work will come out of his hands. We hope to see you ready as soon as possible.



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