Mozilla Stops Accepting Crypto Donations Following Community Complaints

Mozilla, the company behind the development of the Firefox web browser, announced last Thursday that it will not accept any more cryptocurrency donations for now. The adverse reaction of the users influences this decision.

This conflict between Mozilla and its community began when Jamie Zawinski (one of the founders who left the company in 1999) tweeted harsh criticism. On December 31, the company reminded its followers that donations are accepted in different cryptocurrencies, and Zawinski did not hesitate to show his discontent. He reminded the company executives about the negative impact that cryptocurrencies can have on the environment.

Everyone involved in the project should be embarrassed by this decision to partner with Ponzi scammers who incinerate planets.

To his statements, we can add those of Peter Linss, who developed the Gecko engine that Firefox uses. He also made his disapproval known and declared: “They were destined to be better than this.” Many browser users also expressed concern about this decision and stated that they would uninstall the application to avoid participating in this campaign.

Due to the number of comments of this type, Mozilla executives had no choice but to address the situation. They communicated through the same medium that they would review their current donations in cryptocurrencies and how these are adjusted to their “climate objectives.” While this review is taking place, cryptocurrency donations will be on hold. They also promised that this would be a “transparent process” and share updates regularly.

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