MTN Free browsing with CR Tunnel VPN 2021

Well, free browsing simply means free access to the internet without paying a dime for a data subscription. Sometimes, it’s unlimited browsing but most times it’s limited and even cost a token.

Why do people search for cheats?

Mobile internet users in Africa are crazy about free cheats because it helps them get connected to the web without paying a dime. For example, students can successfully carry out researches, projects and follow the latest trends online, stream videos on YouTube without paying for any data subscription.

For today’s free browsing trick we will be using CR Tunnel App to peer into the servers. Simply follow the steps below carefully to set it up

How to set up MTN free browsing on CR Tunnel

  1. First of all download the CR Tunnel App here
  2. Open and it will update automatically. Select Location to the UNITED KINGDOM
    select Sever to Guatemala Tigo free BR.
  3. Then Tap on start to get connected. When it get connected you will see the Red writings ‘Disconnected” is now Connected in light blue writing.
  4. Now tap stop to disconnect. Close the app and Go to Phone Settings and then Network and Internet.
  5. Go to mobile networks Choose MTN or it may be selected automatically after that godown Tap on ACCESS POINT NAMES and Create a new Access Point with the settings below
    Name: MMS
    APN: MMS
    Save it and chose or select it

6. Go to the app and connect. If you see the key on notification, wait for some seconds and enjoy it.

Note: when MMS APN is selected, your data bundle won’t be working, It will work only after u connect with the VPNJoin Us Our Telegram Channel

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