Netflix has started hunting down tricky users

Some users are using VPN to bypass their movie watch

Netflix content varies by country and region for a variety of reasons. However, this does not prevent ingenious users from accessing movies that are not officially available for viewing.

As Übergizmo pointed out, the most suitable solution is the VPN service, which helps users connect to a region they would not otherwise be able to do. And that gives you a look at other Netflix content.

However, the service provider is not happy about this trickery since it bypasses the system. The company, therefore, began to “track down” suspected prohibited individuals to warn and, where appropriate, block them.

However, some people who have not committed anything have also fallen victim to the tightening.

There is no certainty as to why this may have happened, but one possible explanation is that your ISP should contact the cause of this phenomenon. However, the company does not give any tips on what to do if the operator does not know.

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