Netflix’s repertoire can be expanded with a game service

Very interesting news has come from one of the largest streaming service providers, according to which they will also try their luck in the gaming industry in the future, and of course, in accordance with the requirements of the time, they are also thinking about a cloud-based system.

You could already hear about it before, but then everyone thought that they could work on a product based on broadcasts similar to YouTube or Twitch around Netflix. However, according to the latest information, they are cutting their ax into a much harder tree and are working on a service aimed at gamers similar to Google Stadia and Xbox Cloud. So we wouldn’t have to buy hardware for the game console, but we would only need a controller, and the game would run on Netflix’s server, and we could play on the TV through a client.

The latest news is that Steve Moser has already found specifics in the Netflix app for iOS that indicate support for the DualSense controller. Based on these, they probably won’t develop their own controller either, but rather develop support for products available on the market. The thing is currently running under the project name Shark, and the team that will deal with it is reportedly already being built. It is not yet known whether there will be their own games, or whether they will just take over from the others, but we would bet on the latter, since even Google has given up and disbanded its own team, instead of wasting additional resources with Stadia in connection.

However, we wouldn’t bet on the fact that it will actually happen. It is highly questionable whether there would even be a demand for such a thing among subscribers, since those who are interested in the game either have an Xbox/Playstation/PC at home or subscribe to one of the mature systems. We eagerly await further developments, as such a project can take many years to complete, so Netflix’s game service is not expected recently.

Source: GSMArena

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