New emojis are coming to your phone and your computer

Every year, the fair offer of emojis is expanded with new drawing signs and pictures. The Unicode Consortium has published some of next year’s aspirants.

The imagination of the designers seems to be unfathomable when it comes to new emojis, the more emotions and concepts they try to express with these bits of signs. The host of the topic, the nonprofit Unicode Consortium, has unveiled some more new ideas, but it is not yet certain that all of them will reach users.

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Emojis proposals are submitted each year, from April 15 to August 31, and the best of them are selected. New emojis are voted on by big companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, or Emojipedia based on pre-defined criteria.

Next year’s aspirants include, for example, a heart with two new color options, a trembling face (characterized by the word earthquake, among other things), and a hand with a definite rejection. The ginger, the fan, and, as an instrument, the rumba, and even wifi, i.e., wireless, appear as instruments.

Once the new emoticons become official, both Apple and Google will need to add them to their platform, and it quickly happens (causing some confusion) that they won’t do it simultaneously. Approved emoticons for next year are expected to be released in September 2022 with the release of Unicode 15.0.


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