Newer Samsung phones have been given the RAM expansion feature

We’ve previously reported on Samsung’s new feature called RAM Plus, which first appeared on the Galaxy A52s 5G and is intended to extend the quantity of memory in my software. This feature has appeared on two more devices, and more may follow soon.

After the Galaxy A52s 5G, the sleek Galaxy A52 5G and Galaxy Z Fold 3 also got RAM Plus functionality with a recently released software update, but that’s just the start, with the innovation likely to be available in many mid-and high-end models soon.

Update: it’s like members of the Galaxy S21 series (S21, S21 +, and S21 Ultra) will get the RAM expansion option.

The essence of RAM Plus is that the system adds 4 GB of virtual RAM to the device’s physical memory, which is reallocated from the phone’s interior storage. For instance, a Galaxy A52 5G will have a complete of up to 10 or 12 GB of memory available (since the phone initially came with six and eight GB of RAM), while the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is expanded from 12 to 16 GB. Quantity.

Opinions are divided on how helpful all this is often essential, as memory reallocated from mass storage will never be as fast as real physical RAM. However, should the factory memory become whole, this software expansion can help prevent the system from closing apps and processes running within the background, thus improving multitasking.

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