Nike releases PlayStation 5 shoes

The basketball player Paul George was also inspired by Sony’s latest console, and Nike was also a buyer for his design. The result: a PS5-themed shoe.

Photos from Instagram show that a training shoe on the subject is being made for the PlayStation 5 and basketball player Paul George and Nike. The athlete and the brand teamed up in the previous generation, the PlayStation 4, to the point of a single work.

Based on the pictures, the first official PS5 shoes will be available in two versions, with a blue and white cover, sometime in May. Exactly when this is unclear. There is no manufacturer’s announcement about the product’s price, but Sneaker Files knows they are asking for 110 dollars.

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The unique feature of the shoes is that they feature the well-known PlayStation logo and the acronym PS5 for fifth-generation machines. They don’t come with a game or console simultaneously, but real fans probably won’t be deterred from buying either. Whether the footwear will be available in all markets or only in selected countries is unknown.

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