Okay, these Free Guy posters reminiscent of game classics can’t be missed!

Doom, GTA, Minecraft and others

Ryan Reynolds’ video game movie hit theatres yesterday, in which the actor who became a superstar due to Deadpool plays a non-player character, an NPC, who, of course, doesn’t know that he’s actually an insignificant statistic of an open-world game as a supporting character that anyone can blow up at any moment. . Free Guy has taken the Postmodern Quote Tsunami of Ready Player One to the next level, so we come across several references to classic video games throughout the plot. In this spirit, cosy, funny, imaginative posters can be created in the gallery below.

Old motorcyclists can immediately get the attention of the Doomos poster, where our hero gets to where he is, i.e. he becomes a real hero, usurping the position of Doom Guy or Doom Slayer, only this time not hell monsters, but the main opponents of the players bidding for his life. But there’s also the Mega Manes, Super Marios, and Street Fighters versions, in which Ryan Reynolds ’ hero also steals the location and identity of iconic characters. The essence of the Minecraft and GTA versions is similar, i.e. they also grasp the essence of the Free Guy story that the insignificant nobody emerges as a world saviour, a protagonist. On the other hand, among Us and Animal Crossing, Reynolds’ character would be more mixed in its original state, as they do not have a hero in the classical sense, as their purpose is different from that of Doom or the Super Mario series. The Free Guy will be available in theatres from August 12th. 

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