8 Simple Steps: How to Repair a Water Damaged MacBook

You might be able to repair a water damaged MacBook by moving quickly and using the suggestions in this article. If not, you can save your laptop by reducing the damage, making the final repairs less expensive. Is there anything more terrifying than seeing water run all over your MacBook after you tip a drink over? All may not be lost if you unintentionally drop a drink on your brand-new MacBook.

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Steps to Repair a Water Damaged MacBook

You could be in luck if you sprayed some water upon the keyboard. The built-in keyboard on the MacBook features an air-right mechanism that should assist stop (a little bit of) water from getting on crucial parts of the device. You may have escaped a difficult situation, but you still need to replace your keyboard and may need to get your MacBook serviced.

Even if you only gently sprayed the keyboard, you need to move quickly to fix the issue before it worsens, or you risk losing your entire device.

1. Unplug From Power source

Have you plugged everything out? This is your last warning that engaging with a wet MacBook that is still connected to a power source of any type is dangerous.

2. Remove Battery

After removing the battery, disconnect all accessories. It is also a bright idea to do this if you can. A wired mouse, camera, scanner, or other accessories connected to your MacBook should also be unplugged.

3. Shutdown Laptop

Shut off your computer. Press and hold the power button on your MacBook so you do not have to worry about losing work that has not been saved. Use a pencil or another non-conductive object if you have one around to push the power button. Avoid taking the chance of receiving a nasty shock!

4. Flip MacBook Into Tent Position

To drain, turn your MacBook into a tent posture. Doing this will draw the water back into the keyboard and away from your MacBook’s essential parts.

5. Wipe Carefully

Clean your MacBook gently. It could be beneficial to wipe your MacBook’s exterior with a fresh, dry cloth if it is moist. Additionally, you may try drying any ports or vents with a non-conductive tool, such as a cotton swab.

6. Let 48 hours pass.

While taking this uncomfortable step would decrease the severity of any potential water damage, putting your MacBook in the tent position for a few days is necessary. Although it may be tempting to switch your MacBook back on to evaluate the damage, it may cause a current to pass through moist components. Your MacBook can sustain more harm as a result. Give the liquid as much time as possible to drain fully before moving your Mac.

Although 48 hours is the absolute minimum, the longer you can leave your MacBook alone, the better. You might wish to put your MacBook in an airing cupboard or next to a heat source, such as a radiator, to speed up the drying process. Moving your fan closer to your laptop, if you have one, may help get any residual liquid to evaporate.

7. Test Your MacBook

Try out your MacBook. When your MacBook has completely dried, it’s time for the big reveal! Try restarting your MacBook and seeing if it works. Check your trackpad, all the keys, Internet and Bluetooth connectivity, and any other functions you frequently use if it boots up. Hopefully, your fast thinking saved your MacBook or minimized the damage!

8. Clean Thoroughly

If you could recover your MacBook, this is the ideal moment to clean it thoroughly. If something other than water was spilled, this is very crucial. For instance, a drink will make your MacBook extremely sticky, and soda residue may eventually cause damage to your MacBook. You may easily clean the outside shell of your MacBook with a fresh, dry microfiber towel. Additionally, you might want to use a non-conductive tool, such as a cotton swab or wooden toothpick, to clean the vents and ports on your MacBook thoroughly.

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What you should not do

After looking at ways to prevent water damage, let us look at some things you should never do that could make it impossible to repair a water damaged MacBook.

  • Do not restart your MacBook. Most likely, you are in a panic and anxious to learn whether your MacBook is damaged. The worst thing you can do is attempt to power up too soon. Electricity has the potential to harm you more and perhaps be dangerous. It is difficult, but you must resist the urge to turn on your MacBook before it is entirely dry.
  • Hold your MacBook steady. Although it may make you angry, shaking your laptop will spread the liquid. It may even push water into your MacBook’s most fragile components, resulting in more corrosion and damage.
  • Don’t use a hair dryer. Although this would seem like a terrific method to speed up the drying process, it has minimal effect, and direct heat might even harm your MacBook’s delicate parts.
  • Despite the outdated urban myth, do not use rice. It is a commonly held belief that rice will absorb moisture from equipment. While putting a layer of rice on your MacBook will not remove moisture from its vital parts, such as the battery and circuit board, it could work for your phone if it were that simple to mend a wet MacBook!


A significant mishap is spilling liquid on your laptop. You’ll want to make sure it never occurs again, even if you successfully recover your laptop. In addition to purchasing AppleCare+, we advise purchasing a waterproof screen protector, a transparent plastic or silicone keyboard cover, and waterproof laptop skin with ventilation holes for both parts of the case to further protect your MacBook. The techniques above should enable you to save or, at the very least, repair a water damaged MacBook.

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