Samsung’s 2022 smartphone plans have been leaked

According to The Elec, Samsung plans to significantly increase the production of foldable smartphones next year, thus preparing for higher sales. The media outlet allegedly obtained a document outlining production goals detailing the South Korean company’s plans for mobiles.

According to the news, Samsung plans to produce 6.9 million Galaxy Z Flip 4 devices. At the same time, 2.9 million want to assemble Galaxy Z Fold 4 . To put the numbers in context, the target volume for the foldable mobiles that debuted in 2021 was 4 million for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and 3 million for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, respectively.

Although there is an increasing focus on foldable smartphones, the Galaxy S models will dominate the flagship category. According to documentation obtained by The Electhe company plans to produce 14 million Galaxy S22, 8 million Galaxy S22 +, and 11 million Galaxy S22 Ultra devices. The latter will try to fill the gap created by the Galaxy Note models with S Pen support. For the current series, the production of 10 million Galaxy S21, 8 million Galaxy S21 +, and 8 million Galaxy S21 Ultra was the preliminary plan for that year. In terms of sales numbers, the series performed somewhat less than the targets set, but Samsung’s decision-makers expect significant growth in demand for the base Galaxy S22 and Ultra models.

Another interesting fact is that, according to The Elec, the Samsung Galaxy S22 will be unveiled very soon, on January 5, at the CES expo. The company is also preparing an affordable portico for fans of affordable flagships, namely the Galaxy S22 FE, which could be released in the second half of next year. The production target for this model is 5.7 million.

Going back a bit to the foldable devices: all in all, the mobile phones with flexible screens will make up 20 percent of Samsung’s flagships next year. Of course, much of the product range will continue to consist of entry-level and mid-range mobiles, and members of the Galaxy A series once again represent the surprising waistline. The Samsung Galaxy A53 is projected to be the largest-numbered device, with 28 million planned to be assembled, but 27 million copies of the Galaxy A13 and 23 million documents of the Galaxy A33. These three models will account for nearly a quarter of Samsung’s projected annual production of 334 million phones.


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