Scorn will definitely not be released this year

Ever since I first saw the trailer for Scorn, I’ve been in love with this HR Giger-inspired, HP Lovecraft-inspired game developed by the Ebb Software team. Unfortunately, they were forced to give us some very bad news, as the game will definitely not be released this year, the debut will be postponed until next year.

The game was originally announced for the PC platform, and since then the release has been delayed and postponed. Of course, good work takes time – see also the unfortunate case of Cyberpunk 2077 – but still more and more people complain about the wait.

Why is the horror game slipping? According to the developers, they have been trying to make the game as good as possible since the beginning, which still needs polishing. They added that on December 10th they will release something new about Scorn, maybe a gameplay video or something similar, they haven’t revealed any specifics yet.

Obviously, it’s not very healthy these days to faint in advance from the graphic appearance or atmosphere of a game, but in the video above you can see for yourself that Scorn has a kind of special atmosphere that can highlight the similar – is there a similar one? – addresses. Perhaps it will be worth waiting a little longer, and if we look at things from this point of view, perhaps the release now postponed to 2022 seems less unpleasant.

Source: Gamerant

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