Season 1 of Loki is over, but we will see the character again sooner than we think

Attention! The writing may contain SPOILERS for Season 1 of Loki!

Like Natasha Romanoff, Loki was dead on the official timeline of the Marvel Cinema Universe at the start of the fourth phase. The black widow, However, unlike the mischief that Asgard god in the focus series yesterday, ending the first season opened the possibility that the character is not only a second season to return, but its presence in these films in Moziverzum, and even play a more important role in them.

The last episode of Loki freed the insane multiverses, so perhaps unsurprisingly, Doctor Strange in The Madness of Madness may return to the screens in Thor’s stepbrother. Although Marvel has not officially confirmed the rumours, The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Tom Hiddleston will appear in the sequel to Doctor Strange next May. The Loki series practically led this film by showing how multiverses work.

In Doctor Strange 2, Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is now joined by Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) as a Scarlet Witch, whom we met better than ever before at WandaVision, also unveiled at Disney + this year. The film is directed by Sam Raimi and is said to have quite a few horror elements in it. The plot will be closely related to Spider-Man, which is expected to arrive later this year: There is no way home. The story will also revolve around the multiverses liberated by Loki.

But after Loki, perhaps not only will the multiverses open up inside the MCU, the reaction of Ant’s screenwriter 3 to the closing of the season suggests that a meeting of Disney’s and Sony’s Marvel comic book-based comics may now be a reality.

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