Several major news outlets published stories with hardcore explicit content.

A prominent video-sharing site owner has changed hands, and the new owner has replaced prior recordings with new content.

Adult content is widely available on the Internet, although news websites rarely appear in stories. However, individuals who have viewed old writings from The Washington Post or New York Magazine in the hours since have experienced this.

The issue, according to Motherboard, was prompted by a change of ownership of a service called Vidme, a not-so-successful video-sharing site.

Vidme has changed hands multiple times, most notably falling into the hands of a pornographic film studio, which promptly replaced the previously available videos.

As a result, hardcore adult movie previews and links were displayed on every page where Vidme’s embed code was used, sometimes with images and names.

Several Twitter users commented that they came into porn while looking for an article, which they didn’t understand because they hadn’t navigated to a page like that.

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