Smartphones may get more expensive in the coming year

While smartphone prices appeared to halt during the epidemic, the pencils are set to become thicker with the revelation of the world’s largest chip manufacturer.

The TSMC announcement may have a significant influence on the smartphone market. The world’s largest independent semiconductor producer (and one of Taiwan’s most recognizable corporations) has notified its partners of the most significant price rise in the recent decade.

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And that doesn’t matter because TSMC’s customers include Apple, Qualcomm, and Nvidia. Even if TSMC circuits are already 20% more expensive than rivals, it’s remarkable that it’s only now stepped in when many other chipmakers have been obliged to do so in the past.

Customers must accept the new terms and the envelope by October 1st. Simultaneously, this indicates that consumers should expect increased pricing. In any case, TSMC will continue to fill orders at the previous prices, so the impact of these changes will be realized at the earliest next year.

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