SnakeEye is such a cinematic flop that it unexpectedly appeared on VOD

Paramount wanted to resurrect the G.I. Joe franchise with Snakes, but the film about the origin story of the mute and mysterious ninja went to the box office. The action film, made from a budget of roughly $100 million, grossed just $13 million on its opening weekend in the U.S. In the three-and-a-half weeks since it has only been able to boost its global revenue to $35 million. This was a big flop even during the pandemic period, and in light of this, the studio decided to release SnakeEye on VOD unusually soon.

Paramount will not give the 45-day cinematic exclusivity to the film, which debuts overseas on July 23, and will make it available digitally as early as August 17 today. However, those who prefer the physical format will have to wait a little longer, DVD and BD releases will not come out until October 19th, but of course, they will also include extras.


SnakeEye: G.I. Joe – The title role of The Beginnings was played by Henry Golding. The actor previously revealed that they changed the origins and backstory of the characters with the permission of the creator of G.I. Joe. The film rights to the franchise are also with Paramount, which is based on the Transformers films and Hasbro game series, and marvel’s comics from the 1980s have already met the two worlds. Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura said of a possible cinematic crossover that the idea would always come up, but the studio talked about Alien vs 2015. After Predator’s fiasco, he’s not very enthusiastic about it.


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