Streamers that frequently share hoaxes will be banned from Twitch.

Twitch has amended its disinformation policy, declaring that all users who regularly share hoaxes, false news, or other potentially detrimental content to the community will be removed.

Hopefully, this only applies if a streamer presents this information as factual and does not discuss it with their viewers.

According to the company, this change in misinformation rules will initially affect less than 100 Twitch accounts in its app, implying that if there is currently an estimate of users affected, it is possible that this decision was made in response to the recent platform measures.

Regardless, Twitch claims to be proud of its ability to bring people together. However, users who use online services to promote incorrect and damaging information do not have a place in their society.

While these people aren’t familiar with Twitch, they might cause considerable harm if permitted on the network, which is why these adjustments were created. Disinformation will be addressed under the new regulations.

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