Subscribers aren’t really into Netflix games

The media always write about the Netflix subscription model packed with planned advertisements, so now it will be refreshing to bring up the streaming provider for a different topic. As you know, Netflix not only offers its customers motion picture content, but also games. There aren’t many of these games, just a few dozen, but since they come with a subscription, people might as well play them, right? Unfortunately, according to the latest analyses, an atmosphere of almost complete disinterest surrounds the Netflix game library, the possibilities of which are not really used by users.

Netflix’s recommendation system works quite well, it is able to take the user to novelties that are likely to attract attention based on the content they have already watched, but it is perhaps no longer capable of luring people to the gaming section of the service provider. The Apptopia according to his collection, the games made available by Netflix have been downloaded only 23 million times since this option has been available, but only 1.7 million users used to skin these titles every day.

This mass of people is important to many people, but only 1 percent of Netflix subscribers, which means that they hardly play Netflix games, this extra of the service is not used at all by members of the clientele. Maybe the reason is that they don’t like to play on the phone or other devices, or they live so much under the spell of passive content consumption online that more interactive entertainment doesn’t appeal to them at all?

There is also some chance of the latter – those who like to stare at the screen while grinding series, may not get a fever from gaming, which requires some attention even in the case of a casual title – or perhaps it could be due to inadequate information in the background. It may not have been clear to many subscribers even now that they have access to this game catalog, which is there if they use it, if not, it is almost paid for, so why not?. The experimental player, on the other hand, may die a couple of times in a platformer, and would rather finish another part of the new Sandman series, because it promises a less frustrating experience.

Whatever the reason, Netflix is ​​still committed to its small game catalog, which doesn’t send Game Pass to the parking lot, but it’s not bad at all that it’s there next to the subscription. Let’s say if it’s Game Pass, maybe a few bigger titles wouldn’t be a disadvantage in the offer, to make it a little more attractive for their users. In any case, we are curious to see what the heads of Netflix will get out of this extra, how much will they be willing to make it flourish, or will they just mow it down, like so many of the series that the audience loved anyway? Only the future can answer these questions.

Source: AndroidPolice

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