The Apple iPhone SE 4 Won’t Be Released For a While

Ming-Chi Kuo is a vital expert on Apple-related topics, and he knows that the business has been selling fewer mid-range iPhone handsets than predicted recently, so we may think of any model that is not Pro class. Among them is the SE model, which might get an upgraded edition, but this will only happen in 2024, according to the expert.

The analyst recognizes that Tim Cook’s business must rethink its strategy and price since the next, i.e. fourth, SE model will include a full-screen design, which will result in higher manufacturing costs.

According to the expert, delaying the next phone will help cut high product development costs, so a 2024 release would allow Apple to prepare for all issues associated with the global recession by then and make its lower offerings more successful.

The iPhone SE 4 will be worth the wait because, according to preliminary renderings, the smartphone will be identical to previous XR versions. The X-series was the first to ditch Touch ID, the fingerprint reader, in favor of the manufacturer’s renowned superior face recognition system, Face ID.

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When it is released, the SE series may also receive the latter. In the event of a 2024 presentation, the issue is whether the marketing using Face ID as a selling factor will be epic or humiliating.

By the way, Apple typically unveils the latest iPhone SE gadget in the spring, so if the Chinese expert is correct, the presentation is at least 15 months away. Technically, we will receive an iPhone XR model, with a much more modern CPU inside and an improved camera or cameras on the back, although this is not confirmed yet.

Not only because, until then, but Apple can also change its mind multiple times, bringing forward or even postponing the gadget’s release, the features of which can be re-customized up to a thousand times.

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