The FBI’s mail system was hacked and more than 100,000 fake letters were sent

A hacker named Pompompurin may have committed that cyber attack.

Hackers hacked the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation’s FBI email servers back on Friday to send thousands of fake messages from official email addresses. The Bleeping Computer reported by the recipients has been victims of a highly sophisticated attack because, seeing the sender’s email address, they could not imagine dealing with a scam message.

The attack was first reported on Twitter by the Spamhaus Project, which specializes in spam messages. The letters sent out said the recipients were under a phishing attack launched by Vinny Troia, and the man was linked to the infamous hacker group, The Dark Overlord.

However, none of this was true: Troia is not a hacker but a cybersecurity professional who runs cyber security companies NightLion and Shadowbyte. According to Bleeping Computer, the attackers sent out more than 100,000 letters. The FBI said professionals turned off spam devices to disarm the attack.

The attack is backed by a hacker named Pompompurin, who had previously tried to discredit Troy. Cyber ​​security expert Brian Krebs contacted the perpetrator, who claimed he broke into FBI servers to show how vulnerable they were.

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