The Lord of the Rings Series has been unveiled with the first official image – but you won’t be happy

Middle earth does not give itself up easily

Although the Lord of the Rings movies have been out for quite some time, and The Hobbits, which functioned as prehistoric stories, also hit theatres in the early 2010s, GYU mythology lives on in the hearts of fans. Hopefully, Amazon’s related series will do so. To rekindle the enthusiasm for Middle-earth. We got the first official picture from the series, but the bad news is that the day of the resurrection of The Lord of the Rings movie myth is still far enough away from us.

The image below has been posted on the official Twitter series of the Amazon series, along with the date of the planned presentation. Well, seeing this, many will surely get a little enthusiastic because, on September 2, 2022, the first season will be uploaded to Amazon Prime Video, which is still a good 1 year away from us. The episodes will arrive every week, so not all will debut on the provider at once, but it’s unclear how many of those portions will be dosed. If we think of The Boys, which is also Prime, they may follow its method, i.e. the first couple of episodes will be watchable at the same time.


The series has no official title yet, and the U.S. IGN has learned from unofficial sources that the image provided to us comes from the first episode. And we can only guess who it depicts – what, what kind of place, that’s another question, from books and movies I definitely like this city.

The series, tied to the Lord of the Rings, will take place in the Second Age, millennia before The Hobbit’s plot, in a relatively peaceful era, as far as the beginning is concerned. Threat and war, of course, arrive very quickly, and it becomes necessary to unite among the dispersed peoples of Middle-earth. The series is being filmed in New Zealand, and at one time, it was on the stage that crew members were at risk. On the other hand, it is known that the characters will not have sex during the plot.

Who and what does the first image in the series related to The Lord of the Rings represent? 

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