The new Pixar Animation movie Lightyear has arrived

To infinity and beyond

Next summer, the premiere of Toy Story will arrive, focusing not on a game but on the astronaut pilot from whom the always brave Buzz Lightyear was formed in the world of the franchise. Now the first hilarious video has run into Pixar’s all-night animation, and in this, of course, they evoke Buzz’s iconic phrase, “To infinity and …” – everyone knows the sequel anyway.

Tim Allen voiced Buzz Lightyear in the four Toy Story films so far, while in the solo movie, MCU American Captain Chris Evans lends him his voice. The actor wrote on Twitter on the occasion of his pre-release: “I have goosebumps. Every time I watch this trailer or hear a Bowie song [ Starman plays in the video.]. […] Never for nothing have I not felt greater joy and gratitude than to be a part of it. My mind is practically constantly on it. “

So Lightyear isn’t about the well-known toy figure, it’s about the pilot he was modeled on, but based on the preliminary, you can be sure that the Buzz we know also inherited his personality from him as well. The film will arrive in American cinemas on June 27, 2022.


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