The New Qualcomm Top processor could be Incredibly Powerful

According to news on Chinese social media, the Snapdragon 895, which arrived in December, could be much stronger than the current Snapdragon 888.

Qualcomm will re-emerge in December with its latest high-end processor for mobiles if all goes according to plan. Although there are still several months to go, there have been rumours about the successor to the Snapdragon 888: on the one hand, that it could be called the Snapdragon 895, and on the other hand, that it will be made with Samsung’s 4nm production technology. Why this is interesting, we wrote more about it here.

GSMArena reports that the Chinese social media site Weibo reports that the manufacturer has already tested the Snapdragon 895, which Qualcomm runs under the code name SM8450, and the result was quite convincing. According to the leaked data,

built with Samsung’s 4nm production technology, the mobile chip is 20 percent stronger than the current top model, the Snapdragon 888.

While this performance is quite commendable, according to the leaker, it means that the unit is fast and warming extraordinarily. This is something mobile users don’t want to experience in the least – not only because it won’t make it too comfortable to control the device, but also because the hot part could eventually cause a malfunction in the phone.

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