The price of the world’s first USB-Cs iPhone has dropped

Ken Pillonel sells the iPhone X with a USB-C connector on eBay. Its price has risen twenty-fivefold in two days.

Just two days ago, we wrote about the fact that the world’s first iPhone with a USB-C connector was uploaded to eBay. The mobile, of course, isn’t directly Apple’s product: the device was redesigned by Ken Pillonel of Switzerland in a few months and worked ideally based on a video uploaded to YouTube.

Pillon has decided not to keep the only such mobile in the world but rather to sell it on eBay. Thanks to the bids, the phone price rose to $4,000 in about a few hours, and there seems to be a growing interest in it: although there are still more than six days left from the auction, the USB-Cs iPhone X price.

at the time of writing, it stands at $100,100 US Dollars

It would be difficult to predict where Pillonel’s bid would stop, but if growth were at such a pace, even half a million dollars would be unthinkable.

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