The start of Diablo Immortal has been postponed to 2022

The situation around Blizzard is very hot, with managers resigning, reports of bad working conditions, harassment, and litigation, so the publisher, which has seen better days, has a lot to deal with. Now it has been announced that Diablo Immortal developed for phones will not be released this year, the game that divides the community may debut in 2022.

Activison Blizzard is in quite a bit of trouble right now, as the Fair Employment and Housing Department sued the game development company for sexual harassment and discrimination after a two-year investigation, but it seems that this is not the reason for the delay of the phone game. At least not according to the official version. A developer post was recently published on Diablo Immortal’s official website, explaining the delay with changes to PvP mode, endgame content, and controller support.

The post also mentions that the development team realized that they simply couldn’t implement all the innovations they had planned on time. So, with regret, they announced that they could not keep the promised release for 2021. According to the current position, Diablo Immortal will be released sometime in the first half of 2022 at the earliest, if it will be released at all. Fortunately, there will be no shortage of demon hunting until then, as Resurrected, the reimagined version of the iconic Diablo II, starts on September 23. In addition to PC, the title will appear on all major console platforms, and even if crossplay is not available, cross-save will be supported, that is, if you have more than one device, you can continue developing your character on one of the other devices.

Source: PhoneArena

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