The Suicide Squad 2021 – Movie Review

Conventional killers?

James Gunn is practically doing what he wants. Let’s say he had a fast because he didn’t accidentally cross over to the Warner / DC between the guards of two Galaxies to bring the Suicide Squad to the roof, but you know this story well anyway. His phone rang the same day that word got out that Disney had fired him, and at the end of the line came the magic phrase that only a tiny and exclusive circle of creators could hear in Hollywood: you do what you want.

Gunn could have gone to any of the superheroes on the DC palette – even the big S – but he knew who he wanted to brat with. The Suicide Squadron had already tried to conquer the screen in 2016, and while that film became catastrophic, and even when it was filmed, so much must be said in its favour that it at least tried. This attempt is also available in the new version of Gunn, but this time we manage to flash an individual with such ease while still talking about an audience film that has its own requirements as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

But first, let’s see how this new Squadron is related to the old one! It’s neither a reboot nor a sequel, ”the clever said, we think let’s agree that this movie takes place in another, a parallel universe that joins what’s already known in a few characters and shreds of stories, and let’s quickly add that this universe is much more crazy and looser than what we expected Joker to be his main genius. Still, instead, we had to get in with a dancing nymph and CGI the same, and with the title characters just going from one point to another.

And do you know why Gunn’s own version is cheeky? Because, in fact, this film is also about the title characters going from A to B. It’s not always together, often breaking into smaller teams, performing individual actions at other times. Still, the film is about how our (anti) heroes have a big mission requiring them to complete several smaller missions. But the point in this film is not what the mission is, but who and how it is accomplished. Well, and that’s where Gunn’s film stands out from the average.

Marketing no longer denies that one of the film’s greatest inspirations was Dirty Twelve. However, this isn’t the first time the Suicide Squad has been measured against this war classic. That book and the film made from it have also become eternal because he made it important for his characters to throw them away boldly. Yes, the news is true: no one in Gunn’s Squadron is safe, it becomes clear in the opening of the film, and while you can guess which characters have grown the most to the writer’s / director’s heart, he can make sacrifices at any time for fun or drama.

Because even though The Suicide Squad is an extremely witty genre game, its characteristics aren’t superficial. Gunn can provide character and emotion to even the most absurd, seemingly insignificant people. Although he often has to reach for it because of the many characters, harmony between his figures soon comes into play, be it a brotherhood, friendship, father-daughter about a relationship or a simple rivalry. The Suicide Squadron can only disappoint those who expect a “Harley Quinn et al.” we didn’t even hear from a character standpoint.

In fact, The Suicide Squad isn’t a great movie because it doesn’t hold itself back in action, bloodshed, or pub humour, and especially not because of its act of running across multiple strands and jumping in time. It’s actually angular, but because of such heroes. Make you a protagonist from whom you would never look like they could be. The others are just garnishes – not just any of them: orientation captions are built into the environment, sometimes instead of blood, cartoon characters and flower petals splash out of people, and other times cute nuns appear out of nowhere to dance with King Shark, an audience favourite status, John Cena he makes a beast out of himself (say, not for the first time), and of course on top of all that Starro is watching there as a kind of extraterrestrial Christmas tree decoration, one of the most bizarre protagonists in DC history. The hype is real: this roller coaster is really worth getting on.

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