The trailer for Netflix’s other He-Man adaptation has arrived, this time using angular CGI animation to bring The Lord of the World to life

Another reboot is coming this fall

Just over a month ago, Kevin Smith’s animated He-Man series Lord of the World: Revealed debuted on Netflix. It was not an undivided success among fans of the classic 1980s cartoon series that Smith’s series for older generations had just been marginalized by He-Man, but the creator of the Jay and Silent Bob films hit back hard at critics. However, the streaming giant is preparing for another reboot this year, He-Man: Lord of the World, coming on September 16, and you can watch its trailer below!

This series is more aimed at children and is in style a departure from Smith’s classic cartoon series, with He-Man’s authoritative charisma – and everything else – created by the creators with CGI. It will be revealed in the autumn how much the more modern visuals will impress the younger generation and whether it will convince fans of the original cartoon series more than Revelation. He-Man: Lord of the World was created by Robert David, who also produced the Smith series, and Bryan Q. Miller, Heath Corson, Amanda Deibert, Keely MacDonald, Peter Binswanger, Lila Scott, Matt Drdek, Julie Benson and Shawna Benson are part of the writing team.

According to the synopsis, the CGI series will return to well-known elements: Eternian, the first planet of creation, is ruled by a demonic tyrant, Skeletor, who is being stopped by He-Man and his company. Yuri Lowenthal, who also voiced Peter Parker in several Spider-Man video games, will be voiced by Ben Diskin, David Kaye, Grey Griffin, Antony Del Rio and Kimberly Brooks, among others.

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