There may be an AI that plays for you if you get stuck in a Game

We’ve seen many weird Sony patents before, so it’s clear that the company is doing its best to make games as unique, advanced, and intelligent as possible in the future. Now there is news of a Sony patent, the essence of which is that,

An automated artificial intelligence performs specific tasks in games on our behalf.

In other words, it would be an AI that monitors our style of play to know how to solve specific tasks. For example, we’re shooting more in a game than the crazy ones, or we’re choosing tactical, stealth tactics much more. Based on this, it can take control of us if we get stuck or need it.

Based on the data collected about the player, artificial intelligence would be able to take control of the player who finds a particular part of the game too complicated or doesn’t know where to go for the next mission – read the description of the invention spotted by Segment Next. If the data it uses is insufficient to complete the task, the system agrees to search the Internet for guides and then return control to the player.

AI can even help when you’re otherwise playing multiplayer with buddies. The AI ​​takes control for a few minutes until the player goes out to the bathroom or gets some snacks, or picks up the phone. That is, there would be no more AFK. The latter, of course, raises some questions.

Patents made by Sony engineers do not always mean that an idea or plan is realized. These systems are still a long way from implementation, but it’s interesting to see what Sony is up to for future gamers.

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