There will be many more Exynos chipsets in Samsung phones next year

According to recent reports, Samsung is working to significantly increase the number of devices that use the in-house developed Exynos chipset. Numerically, this could mean that the manufacturer wants to produce twice as many Exynos tiles in 2022 as this year.

A local media outlet, ET News, reported that Samsung would increase the proportion of Exynos chipsets in mobiles from the current 20 percent to 50 to 60 percent. Samsung’s LSI division will double the number of Exynos chips produced next year to achieve this goal. According to an industry source, Samsung also wants to address two critical issues with the new Exynos chips: one related to 5G communications and chip warming. The manufacturer has learned hard on the subject and has remedied these problems as well.

ET News says that before fans of premium Galaxy models and Qualcomm chips scream as one, the rise of Exynos chips is primarily for low-end and mid-range devices. Most of Samsung’s recently introduced affordable handsets are powered by some Snapdragon or MediaTek chip, which is said to replace them with a self-developed chip in the future.

The most powerful mid-range Exynos chip is numbered 1080, but it has not yet been installed in any Samsung mobile phone and is currently only used in Vivo handsets. That’s weird because the chip is on the same level of performance as the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 or Snapdragon 780G, and they have a lot of kraft in them.

Advancing Exynos inserts is irrelevant to flagship devices, as previous news suggests that Galaxy S22 models with Snapdragon chips may be available in more markets due to production issues with the Exynos 2200. Of course, this, as ET News reports, is not yet confirmed information, although another press body, ITHome, has approved the rise of Exynos inserts.

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