There will be no Redmi K60 Gaming

The Redmi K60 devices will debut on Sunday, and in connection with the presentation, the head of the brand announced the sad news, probably for many. There will be no Gaming model in the series and Lu Weibing also explained why not.

According to the manager of Redmi, in 2023 there will no longer be a need for game-focused, i.e. gamer smartphones, and according to him, the trend of these devices is doomed. The information therefore comes from one of the most prestigious Redmi and also Xiaomi employees, there will surely be a few people who will not like it, but based on our current knowledge, the Redmi K60 will also be able to satisfy most game-related user needs.

The members of the Redmi K60 series are already in the mass production phase, this was also confirmed by previously published photos. The series will come with a total of three smartphones, the cheapest variant will be the Redmi K60E, with a MediaTek Dimensity 8200 chipset inside, and then there will be the basic model, the plain Redmi K60, which can be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 or 8+ Gen 1 – this is still it is not clear even at the rumor level – and we will also get a Pro edition.

The head of Redmi previously asked fans of the brand how happy they would be with a dynamic island reminiscent of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro models, and although the answers were mixed, it is not at all impossible that we will see a similar solution on one or even several Redmi K60 devices. .

Source: GSMArena

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