There will be Notch and a camera on Facebook’s smart watch

According to the latest news, Facebook is making a new, rather exciting smartwatch. An image has also been leaked, and based on that, the gadget’s camera gets a lot of emphases.

The rendered image below, which allegedly shows a Facebook smartwatch, was recently released. We don’t know yet how final the design is. The device is probably still under development, so we already know ​​what the company is working on.

What immediately shows up is the notch at the bottom of the display, which of course, hides a camera, which isn’t very smart, and the sensor island is mostly just for phones.

One of the main features of the widget can be video chat, but it can also be used to take stock photos and videos, and the recordings will be instantly streamed to your smartphone or social networking sites.


The arrival of the smartwatch may take place sometime in 2022, and the only question is whether there will be a demand for it with such a design or with the company’s user-friendly data management solutions.

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