This is what the iPhone 13 pro is capable of

Apple hasn’t talked much so far about the power of the iPhone 13 Pro, but a benchmark test has yielded pretty eloquent results.

When Apple introduced the new iPhone a few days ago, it didn’t reveal too much about its specification. However, the six-core A15 Bionic chip is 50 percent faster than its “leading competitor” solution, and the graphics controller is 30 percent ahead of the competition.

The tests will tell whether this is the case, but it already seems inevitable that the iPhone 13 Pro will make circles in the field of graphical calculations for its predecessor, the iPhone 12 Pro.


The MacRumors reported by the iPhone 13 trial – and Pro Maxban – you can find five-core GPU, according to the Geekbench benchmark test, reached 14 216 points. The iPhone 12 Pro previously scored 9,123 on the same test, which means the iPhone’s graphics performance has improved by roughly 55 percent in a single year. By the way, a quad-core GPU worked in the iPhone 12 Pro.

How much of this difference will come out, in reality, is not yet known. However, what is certain is that the iPhone 13’s camera capabilities require more performance.

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