This plugin brings the number of dislikes back to YouTube

YouTube has been showing how many negative ratings each content has received. However, a browser extension can restore the original state.

We wouldn’t say that the action by which YouTube removed the number of dislikes under the videos went well. After making that decision, even the service co-founder, Jawed Karim, criticized them. “Simple and quick identification of bad content is the essence of a platform powered by user content,” Karim explained.

YouTube didn’t change its mind, but the internet people were still on the lookout: an add-on was created that, once added to the browser, would reveal how many people didn’t like a particular piece of video sharing.

An add-on called “Return YouTube Dislike” has been brought to our attention by 9to5Google. They think this solution will make the page even better, as the plugin will show you exactly how many likes or dislikes have been added to the recording. This page was initially abbreviated, which is not a bug at all. However, the extension also provides more detailed information, which many may need.

You can download this extension from this page to add it to Google Chrome. Find the Firefox edition here. Whatever the version, all you have to do is install it, and then everything will be the same as before when you go to YouTube.

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