Top 10 movies you must see in July at the CINEMA!

After the cinemas opened in May, many films were shown in Hungary in June, although their attendance fell short of expectations. His best opening weekend was 9th in his Deadly Pace, which debuted at the end of the month. Still, only 40,000 people bought tickets after the premiere, which is not a very strong number from a blockbuster of this size, even in such circumstances. Of course, the cautiousness of the spectators is understandable, and the European Football Championship, which takes place partly in Hungary and until the end of the group round, with the participation of the Hungarian national team, may have played a role.

Last week, the government announced further easing in light of the vaccination data it considered appropriate. As a result, the cinema may return to its old wheelbase, and the first weekend in July also showed some improvement. However, it is worrying that several countries will reintroduce austerity at the same time, but let’s hope the new variant of the virus doesn’t explode as much as the second wave last fall, and cautiously, viewers will also return to the screenings.

We’ve gathered some of the July shows that might be worth buying tickets for this month. The compilation includes the films in the order of their domestic premiere dates.

1. Nobody (Nobody) presentation: July 1

On Thursday, Nobody was introduced, starring Bob Odenkirk, who began his career as a comedian and then exploded as a dramatic actor thanks to Breaking Bad and the series ’spinoff, Better Call Saul. Odenkirk trained for two and a half years for the action film, in which he plays a featureless, grey suburban husband and father who no one notices until their family is attacked in their own home. As a result of these events, his old, brutal and violent self flares up in him: it turns out that he was once an assassin.

Nobody was put together by a real action movie “supergroup”: the screenplay is written by John Wick filmmaker Derek Kolstad, the producers include the first John Wick and Deadpool 2 and Deadly Pace: David Hobbs & Shaw Leitch sat in the director’s chair, and Ilya Naishuller, who made her debut with Hardcore Henry. However, the film is not worth watching primarily because of the actions, but because of Odenkirk’s comic vein, as he excels in the role first as the neglected head of the family and then after his transformation when a real massacre without killer humour begins. The creators are already working on the sequel, and thus, with Odenkirk starring, we may see a multi-part action film franchise in the coming years.

2. Raya and the Last Dragon presentation: July 1.

The studio’s latest animated tale debuted through Disney + Premier Access in America, but the film was screened at home. The Raya and the last dragon lot of tale and legend feed still feel unique and original after viewing the film and can be an excellent choice if we turn off the outside world for two hours in the cinema halls. Disney showcases strong female characters effortlessly through the events of the fantasy empire Kumundra, torn into five parts half a millennium ago.

The character of Raya, the title character, Raya, who struggles to unite the all-consuming dragon sphere that devours the all-consuming evil Druuns, also feeds on well-known fairy tale elements, yet manages to present a captivating, fresh-looking female protagonist to Disney. The wind-blown dragon in the title, and Sisu, possesses a character that ultimately shines through the entire film. In addition to visuals and humour, the creators managed to bring together professionally choreographed action scenes rarely seen in animated tales.

3. Freaky presentation: July 1.

Also released last week was the horror-comedy Freaky, originally scheduled for last fall, starring Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton. Blumhouse’s new film is based on a twisted and striking basic idea worthy of the studio: an average small-town high school girl, Millie (Newton), is singled out as the next victim by a serial killer known as a Butcher (Vaughn), but the killer and prospective victim end up in a mysterious, cursed dagger. The Butcher uses the body of the 17-year-old girl to scout for more victims, while Millie does her best to reverse the exchange – but she only has 24 hours to do so.

Despite the slightly tangled narrative, the film cleverly mixes genre elements from role-playing comedies and slasher horrors, and it’s only worth watching the work because of Vince Vaughn’s comedy. Although the actor has wasted his talent in several substandard comedies in recent years, he is once again brilliant in Freaky.

4. Black Widow presentation: July 8.

The most anticipated film of the month is without a doubt exclusively The Black Widow, a farewell to the character from Scarlett Johansson, who played Natasha Romanoff ten years ago. The film would have originally been the opening of the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinema Universe. Still, the release scheduled for last year has now been delayed due to the coronavirus when we could already see Disney +’s new MCU series. The Black Widow will still be the first film of the fourth phase and the studio’s big return to the screening rooms: the last time we saw a new Marvel film ( Spider-Man: Abroad ) on the big screen.

The Black Widow is also worth watching for us because it was shot partly in Budapest. This time our capital will not be seen in the “role” of any other big European city: Natasha Romanoff will act on the Hungarian streets. The film will reveal the famous “Budapest Adventure,” which has been mentioned several times in previous Marvel films. Criticism over the past week largely praised Scarlett Johansson’s first and final MCU solo film, highlighting the actress ’portrayal. The Black Widow arrives in Hungarian cinemas on Thursday. In the meantime, read our critique of the film or see what was revealed in one of last year’s previews!

5. Sliding Love Demo: July 15th

The final of the European Championship will take place on July 11. Still, the Hungarian cinemas will make sure that we do not miss football either: the comedy of director Viktor Oszkár Nagy will be presented for four days, the background of which is provided by the football fan subculture. The starting point of the film is that Gyula (András Ötvös) and his wife (Angéla Stefanovics) want a child for a football event, but they are adopting illegally. The firstborn of a Roma girl (Gombó Viola Lotti) is taken with them, and Gyula has to hide the origin of the child from the friends of the racist football fan.

Based on the cast of the Hungarian football film, Szabolcs Thuróczy, who plays the head of the Golden Life family and film directors Réka Tenki and Szabolcs Hajdu, also play a promising role. Hopefully, the creators mix the serious theme with humour appropriately, and the presentation of fan subculture and racism doesn’t get stuck in clichés either.

6. Space Jam – A New Legacy Premiere: July 15th.

July 15 will be the day of sports films in Hungarian cinemas, like Space Jam – A New Beginning will be presented simultaneously as Sliding Love. Continuing the first episode of 1996, starring Michael Jordan, the NBA’s biggest ace today, LeBron James, mixes into crazy adventures with the cult characters of Crazy Melodies. Space Jam will, of course, once again be full of pop culture references, featuring all sorts of characters that Warner can crowd into a feature film, from the characters in The Matrix to the heroes and anti-heroes of DC comics.

But the focus, of course, will be on James and Tapsi Hapssi, who will pass the last in a crazy basketball match to free the athlete and his son from the digital world created by artificial intelligence. Space Jam – A new beginning will also feature the star of the first film, Michael Jordan, and the stuttering Cucu pig grabs a microphone and raps a big one.

7. The Ice Road – presentation: July 22

Liam Neeson has repeatedly vowed to give up action movies as he approaches the 70s, but this summer, we can still see for sure in this genre. In the film, Neeson plays the truck driver of an oil drill with a great routine on slippery roads. When a diamond mine collapses, a rescue operation is organized with the character of Laurence Fishburne, during which the driver can take advantage of his experience on icy roads as the mission leads through the frozen ocean. Meanwhile, they also have to contend with time as miners ’air is running out.

Icy Hell in the summer heat seems pretty tempting just because of the frosty environment, and the synopsis and preview of the film are reminiscent of Armageddon. This is no coincidence, as the screenwriters of the 1998 disaster film included the director of Icy Hell, Jonathan Hensleigh.

8. Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins Tutorial: July 22

We saw a GI Joe movie in cinemas a long time ago. Previous live-action adaptations of the long-running game character and animation franchise (Shadow of the 2009 Cobra and Revenge of 2013) didn’t bring the expected success. Hasbro and Paramount are, therefore, in no hurry to get to the next part, and now no sequel is coming, but we will learn the background story (and face, and apparently his voice) of the speechless ninja, Snake Eye, from the new film.

Ray Parkin played the character in previous films, but we could never see his face as he always wore a mask. In Snake Eye, Henry Golding is already playing the title character, who the creators say will be a wounded hero on the wrong path, but Stormwing (Andrew Koji) takes him under his wing, joining the Arashigake clan, where they cross their paths with Akiko (Haruka Abe). But Samara Weaving’s Scarlett and Mr Corberó Baronesse will also appear in the film.

9. Jungle Cruise – presentation: July 29

The meeting between Metallica, Disney, Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt already sounds interesting by default, and at the end of July, we can also see what comes out of this combo. In the Jungle Tour, which processes an amusement park adventure tour, the Rock wanders into a familiar terrain: the Amazon jungle. Johnson plays an experienced ship captain who is hired by a determined scientist (Blunt) and his brother (Jack Whitehall) to take them to the Tree of Mysterious Life, preferably before the arrival of the bad guys (Jesse Plemons and Paul Giamatti). Metallica also wrote music for Jungle Tour, and Jaume Collet-Serra, who also conducted Rock’s first superhero film, Black Adam, sat in the director’s chair. Based on the preview, it’s a classic treasure hunt adventure story, exactly one that’s good for watching in the heat of cool movie theatres.

10. Time (Old) – presentation: July 29.

Anyone who loves twisted horrors and thrillers can rejoice at the arrival of Time, M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film, in theatres in July. The Sixth Sense and Signs director of the same film at the same time disappointing in recent years, however, found it was as if the old form of the visit and the crushing because the whole were successful. At the heart of Time is a family whose members, during their tropical vacation, notice that they are starting to age incredibly fast on a deserted island, reducing their life expectancy by one day.

Time was inspired by the French comic Sandcastle, starring Gael García Bernal and appearing in the film, including Eliza Scanlen, Thomasin McKenzie and Alex Wolff. A couple of weeks ago, Shyamalan, who also recorded the script, talked about the difficulties they encountered during the filming due to the pandemic. Although fortunately, no one from the crew was infected with the coronavirus, work had to be postponed due to the hurricane season.

So we’re looking forward to these movies the most this month. Were you in a movie theatre in June? What did you like best about this year’s shows, and what do you expect the most in July? Feel free to write in the comment!

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