Top 10 Websites to Download Windows wallpapers in 2021

Every person is different. We all have our tastes and priorities. Therefore, choosing the preferred wallpaper for your computer is a much more critical issue than it may seem at first glance. We all love to find ourselves with a specific wallpaper when we use our devices, from the computer to the cell phone. But sometimes, finding the perfect picture is not that easy. Where can I Find Windows Wallpapers?

The truth is that there are many to choose from. The considerable number of designs and pictures as you dare to imagine. For many people, the ideal background is a photo of their children or family; others prefer the inspiring landscape, the abstract knowledge, the kitten photo, the colors of the football team, the frames of their favorite movie … But many doubt and have difficulty choosing. And some flee the routine, constantly changing, looking for the most unique and original background.

And this is that wallpaper is much more than a simple decorative element. It’s a way of expressing our personality. It can also be a powerful source of inspiration and motivation when you sit down to work, play, create or perform any other task with your device.

It doesn’t matter what your favorite wallpaper style is. There are many sites, online resources, and applications on the Internet from which you can download countless and varied Windows wallpapers. We have chosen ten great options:

Desktop Nexus

No less than 1.6 million Windows wallpapers have been collected for use on this site, Desktop Nexus, PC, tablet, or mobile phone. Unlike other image banks we have selected to include in this list, this site has natural wallpapers. And there are for all tastes.

Perfect categories categorize galleries. The web is powered by members (more than 1.5 million users), which we can download and modify when we want to fit them to the screen of our devices.

There are indeed many online sites with wallpapers, but none of them can compete with Desktop Nexus. Fondos de Pantalla de high quality.

In addition, Desktop Nexus is a virtual community made up of passionate people about the world of image and technology. The site allows members to interact, share comments in real-time with the creators themselves (artists or photographers), subscribe to RSS feeds, and receive notifications each time they upload a new wallpaper to one of their favorite categories. Very interesting.

Enlace: Desktop Nexus


Millions of artists around the world present their graphic creations at Deviantart.

This website is an international community of artists. A meeting place and showcase where all kinds of artwork can be shown and shared. Images that can also be turned into stunning wallpapers.

DeviantArt is two decades behind it and has more than 60 million users worldwide. With its gigantic backdrop of over 358 million images, you need to find the perfect one for you. The network aims for graphic artists and visual artists to show their work and make it available to the public. Most of them are free, and anyone is free to use them.

Enlace: deviantART


Ryan McGuire’s collection: Gratisography

The name already gives us an important clue. Gratisography is a site where you can download completely royalty-free photos and images. This large image bank was created by American designer and photographer Ryan McGuire by Bells Design.

What sets Gratisography apart from other similar sites is that it is a personal collection. Of course, a vast array. In this, you will find photos of a wide variety of themes, some unique and therefore perfect for those who want amazing wallpaper.

Images can be in high resolution and download free (although donations are accepted). They can be used for both business and personal use. McGuire makes it clear that all of its images are offered on terms similar to Creative Commons Zero.

Enlace: Gratisography

HD wallpapers

High-quality Windows wallpapers in HD wallpapers

It is an exciting alternative to downloading high-resolution wallpapers. HD Wallpapers is a site that allows us to navigate between the most popular and the latest published basics. He even has a random selection.

How does It work? On the left side of the page is a list of different resolution formats. All you have to do is select the one that best suits your screen characteristics and looks for the many foundations offers out there. Then click on the image to download automatically.

Enlace: HD wallpapers


Pexels offers images under a free license

Free, high-quality stock photos, by site’s permission. Perfect for Windows wallpapers. In Ban Pexels, all images are tagged, so they are straightforward to find with simple searches.

This site contains hundreds of thousands of free photos. The number of images available at zero cost is increasing day by day. Each is carefully selected from photos uploaded daily by users. Finally, the products offered for download meet a set of minimum requirements in which quality is preferred.

Pexels is a project established in 2014. One of the distinguishing features is that of your creative license. This allows your images to be downloaded and used for free, although it expressly prohibits their alteration or modification, as well as their commercial use or sale on other platforms.

Enlace: Pexels


You can find a large number of free images on Pixabay

This is another trendy image bank. pixabay is free to use, although registration is required to access specific image sizes and resolutions. A good source for finding wallpapers.

Pixabay introduces itself as an international website for exchanging high-quality images. Not just photos, but illustrations, vector graphics, and footage. All content is publicly registered under Creative Commons / Creative Commons CC0 licenses.

Enlace: pixabay

Simple desktop computers

Less is more: simple desktops

The virtue of simplicity. Simple desktops base their Windows wallpapers on minimalist and straightforward patterns with flat colors and simple creations. The opposite of what Deviantart and other sites offer us.

It’s not about lack of talent or ambition. Simple Desktop Wallpapers are intentionally designed to distract us and cause confusion with the various icons on your desktop. For many, this is a plus.

Enlace: Simple desktops


Unsplash is an XNUMX% free site where you can share royalty-free, high-resolution photos for those unfamiliar with it. The creative marketing agency Crew Labs created the place. Only images are displayed under a Creative Commons Zero license. This means that anyone can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free without the owner’s permission. One such use could be to use images as wallpaper.

With a system like Pexels or Pixabay, this image bank contains millions of photos tagged and categorized by topic. An enormous treasure chest at your fingertips.

Enlace: Unsplash


Pictures for Windows wallpapers in Wallhaven

In addition to the massive amount of images and photos, Wallhaven’s proposal consists of a file specializing in a simple and versatile design for wallpapers. Slightly the same style as simple desktops.

Very easy to use, with many search options and a clean and pleasant interface. By the way, Wallhaven is a reference site for many creators who share their designs (millions of wallpapers can be found), most of which are high quality.

Finally, it should be noted that this is completely free and ad-free. What else do you want?

Enlace: Wallhaven

Wallpaper set

Download Windows wallpapers from Wallpaperstock

To close the list, another alternative must be considered. Many computer wallpapers, many exciting parts, are dedicated exclusively to mobile phone screens.

Wallpapers offer different resolutions with the same background. Click on the image thumbnail to view the image in standard definition, widescreen, and HD. All of them are free to download.

Enlace: Wallpaper set

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