Top 5 Best Google Snake Mods You Can Play

When I’m bored and want to pass the time, I typically play hidden Google games, especially the Snake game, for a light and enjoyable experience.

And, owing to tweaks that make the gameplay more intriguing, I’ve been enjoying the Google Snake game a lot more recently.

You may vary the snake’s size and pace and make it invisible, among other things. So, in this article, We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Google Snake game mods that add a new dimension to the game.

In a separate article, we’ve also included instructions on using mods in the Google Snake game, so check it out. After that, let us proceed to the list.

Best Google Snake Game Mods of (2022)

1. Google Snake Dark Mode Mod

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Google Snake Dark Mode Mod

Everyone now prefers dark mode to play their favourite web games in dark mode. So why should the Google Snake game lag behind? You may enable dark mode in the Snake game with this simple Javascript code. Not only that, but you can use this mod to add additional colour schemes as well.

2. Mouse Mod for Google Snake


We all know that the Google Snake game can only be played using the keyboard. However, in mouse mode, you can only use your mouse to play the game. You may travel freely and control the direction without being restricted by the grid. As a result, you may go in any direction, and your movement is no longer linear, which is quite enjoyable.

3. Animated Colors for Google Snake


As the name implies, this hack allows you to transform the Google Snake game’s static backdrop into animated colours. You may alter the snake’s animation pattern and frame rate. While the mod enhances the gameplay, it is not suggested for persons with photosensitive epilepsy. All other users are welcome to use this mod to add a rainbow backdrop to the game.

4. TimeKeeper Mod for Google Snake

Because Google does not keep track of your top scores and quickest timings, you can use this mod when playing Google Snake. It will save your personal bests and the time necessary to finish a game. You must import the HTML file as a bookmark to operate correctly.


This is a nice little tweak that lets the snake disappear off the board. You can’t see the snake’s movements but must make the right moves to win. That seems intriguing. This typically occurs when your internet connection goes down while the game is loaded. Thus the community has created a mod to address this problem. This one is for you if you want new and fascinating modifications for the Google Snake game.


So those are the top five mods in the Google Snake game community. The popular Blender mode is no longer available as a mod because it has been integrated into the game.

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