Trailer and premiere date for Rick and Morty Season 5

Time and dimension travel frenzy continues

It’s a good thing rick, and Morty’s season 4 was stretched out, so by 2020, there were a few episodes for fans because the coronavirus outbreak had hindered the development and production of this series. True, the creators benefited from the epidemic- which will hopefully be sensed in Season 5, which has a trailer with the premiere date.

The trailer below promises to be a crazier story than ever before, so we can’t wait until June 20th– when adult swim will premiere the first episode of Season 5. Rick and Morty showrunner Dan Harmon says the new season will be a big surprise, so Morty gets hooked, but it doesn’t work out with what everyone expects. But, of course, judging by the trailer, that’s what’s going to cause the lesser of two problems because the chaos (again) gets out of hand on the show.

Season 5 of Rick and Morty kicks off on June 20 on Adult Swim. The series stars Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, starring Justin Roiland (Rick, Morty), Chris Parnell (Jerry Smith), Sarah Chalke (Beth Smith), Kari Wahlgren (Jessica) and Spencer Grammer (Summer Smith). Roiland and Harmon are already working on seasons  6and 7.

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