Trial production of the iPhone 15 has already begun in China

According to insiders, Apple has started trial production of the iPhone 15 in China, and they are currently working on how to speed up the production schedule in India.

In this case, the apple producer orchestrates a process called NPI, i.e. New Product Introduction, which always takes place in the first quarter of the year. The point of this type of trial production is to allow Apple to figure out how actual production will go once the new iPhones are finalized.

According to reports, Foxconn has already started the production of iPhone 15 models for test purposes, the purpose of the current critical phase is to resolve any problems that may arise between all partners involved in the process, which may affect production. That way, you don’t have to decipher things when things are already live. Among the participants are manufacturers and suppliers, and in the process the machines are tested and the quality assurance process is fine-tuned.

For Apple, it is said to be of primary importance to reduce the difference between the production deadlines in China and India as much as possible. Currently, they start actual production in China 6-9 months before India. This is likely to change very soon as the apple company works to build new relationships with Indian partners. The manufacturer’s ultimate goal is to reduce the gap between Indian and Chinese production by a few weeks and to have 5 percent of total production at Indian sites.

Source: GSMArena

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