Tronsmart Studio speaker Review

Tronsmart’s latest wireless speaker offers harmonious sound, powerful bass, and an eye-catching, high-quality design. In addition to 30W of music power and telephone control, Tronsmart Studio also knows what competitors can’t!

Our readers have been able to meet the manufacturer many times, which is no accident. Tronsmart is not a giant company with a long history, yet it has gained quite a bit of fame, or rather recognition. We also have quite a few personal experiences from the ever-expanding product portfolio, with outstanding results.

There are plenty of Bluetooth speakers on the market, and the choice is not easy. Our new test subject may alleviate this problem, which can provide a competitive alternative in many respects. So come to Tronsmart Studio!

As always, this time too, Tronsmart pays special attention to the packaging, as this gives the first impression of a product. In the demanding and informative product box, we find the company’s pride in a black sponge bed. The Type-C USB and 3.5mm jack cables were hidden in a separate small box on the side. The indispensable user manual and the warranty card are, of course, also part of the package.

The rectangular housing, as well as the front and rear grilles, are also made of metal. When you look at it and hold it in your hand, you feel quality stuff. The rigid structure of the housing also plays an important role in the sound quality. It contains material and is properly assembled. The little one weighs exactly 961 grams, accompanied by dimensions of 206.5 x 70 x 58 millimeters. The product sheet has an IPX4 protection rating, the circuit boards inside the speaker are reinforced and protected against water. However, the 3.5mm Jack input on the back panel, SD card is busy, and the Type-C USB port did not receive a cover. The cover that protects the connectors would only disfigure the sleek look, and it’s not a waterfront party speaker anyway.

At the top of the housing are the 2 × 4 rubber buttons, and in a thin bar between them are the indicator LEDs. The LEDs indicate the battery charge level, Bluetooth connection, Broadcast mode, and SoundPulse. The symbols on the buttons are not visible at all in the dark and cannot be felt at all, which slightly impairs usability. The device rests on a thick rubber sole, which absorbs vibrations very well so that the device does not bounce on the table even at the highest volume.

You can also control audio (but not required) from a smartphone app that you can download from the  Play Store or the  App Store.

In the application, you can check the battery charge, select the source, turn off the speaker, select from the predefined equalizer profiles, update the software – if there will be an update – and read the user manual.

A subwoofer, two mid/high-frequency drivers, and four passive radiators produce 30W of music performance and 2.1 sound in the designed body. The SoundPulse sound quality enhancement option can be turned on in the equalizer profiles with separate buttons and via the phone. This is an enhanced version of Tronsmart’s uniquely patented DSP (digital signal processing) technology. SoundPulse mode compensates for sound defects and distortions in a certain frequency range, widens the sound range and improves the bass effect at the expense of clarity.

With Tronsmart wireless speakers, we’ve gotten used to an interesting extra, Broadcast mode. This has now been renamed TuneConn, but the point has not changed. You can connect up to 99 speakers to the main speaker wirelessly, of course.

But the most important thing is how sound technology sounds. These small boxes should not be expected to have an audiophile character and chest-shaking dynamics. However, things important to the average user, such as the oversized bass and the relatively clear sound even at higher loads, are plentiful in Tronsmart Studio.

The sound quality was tested first on a 2019 LG and then a 2020 Samsung TV. By pairing the TVs over a Bluetooth connection with the Tronsmart speaker, it can be said that the sound is full and detailed, and you can definitely feel the “front-to-back” effect on both TVs. It is disappointing that the 300 thousand forint TVs, which cannot be called cheap, sound so “crappy” by default.

Next round, my cell phone was the source of the music in a 16-square-foot room: Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth 5.0 and the phone communicate with each other with Bluetooth 5.2, stably and error-free.

Starting the issue of The Dead South – In Hell, I’ll Be In Good Company, you can feel that deep frequencies are in the foreground with the suppression of high tones. The depiction of the instruments is okay, Danny Kenyon’s cello, while Colton Crawford’s banjo virtuoso performs very well.

When listening to Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit, the bass makes sense, the drums sound especially good, the music appears with enough dynamics. It’s surprising how well this little box sounds, almost lying about physics, fills the room nicely.

Current dance music such as Dua Lipa – Love Again or Kungs – Never Going Home also preserved the liveliness and mood elements of the music very well.

Overall, Tronsmart Studio provides pleasant sound quality. The harmonious sound is accompanied by clear and powerful bass suitable for many musical styles. It’s a high-quality desktop speaker that easily competes with overpriced products from widely known brands.

It is completely unnecessary, but there is also a built-in microphone with which we can receive calls. The quality of the incoming sound is excellent, but the microphone input is poor. You have to lean very close to the speaker to hear what we have to say on the other side. It doesn’t make much sense, but Tronsmart Studio also supports Google and Siri voice assistants if anyone needs it.

In terms of operating time, Tronsmart Studio also plays well and performs well. The two 2500 mAh batteries provide power for 15 hours of continuous music playback at 50% volume. It takes 3.5 hours to charge the batteries. An auto power-off mode turns off the speaker after 15 minutes if it is not paired with any device.

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