Twitter has been banned in Nigeria

On the government’s instructions in Nigeria, telecom operators suspended Twitter on Saturday, the telecoms regulator said. The antecedent of this is that yesterday, the community site deleted one of the Head of State Muhammadu Buhari entries. He threatened the breakaway forces of the country.

On Friday, the government announced that Twitter would be suspended indefinitely in the country, citing information minister Lai Mohammed as saying that “the platform will continue to be used for activities that threaten the country’s integrity.”

ON WEDNESDAY, the U.S. company, which operates Twitter, said that in one of his posts that day, President Buhari threatened to punish the breakaway forces he said were responsible for attacking government buildings, an “aggressive behavior” in the company’s rules.

In April, the information minister reacted indignantly by opening Twitter’s first African office in Nigeria and neighboring Ghana. Lai Mohammed said the company was affected by false media reports that, for example, last year, the authorities smashed protests.

Organizers of protests in Nigeria are also using social media sites to mobilize, as in many other countries, and raise money for victims of police abuse.

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