Unlimited Internet on Ooredoo with HA Tunnel Plus 2021


Unlike the other free net tutorials, that we post the settings straightforwardly on Fbhtechinfo, we locked the settings for this method to the Ha Tunnel and VPN alone. Quick version, this implies just Android clients utilizing the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN application will actually be able to use this free limitless net access.

One crucial requirement for the method to run is a little pack that will give the client limitless free net access. This pack is designated “Stream On”, relying upon your need, you can buy either the day by day pack or month to month for it to work.

The everyday pack goes on for 24hrs and can be bought for BZ 0.500 utilizing the *141*600# actuation code. To drop out of the 24hrs pack, you will need straightforward dial *141*600*1#. For the month to month pack, which costs a charge of 10 RO for 30 days, you will dial *141*700# and *141*600*1# to drop the membership pack.

When you are finished with the abovementioned, you are prepared to ride free limitless Internet access. Follow the procedures displayed beneath, set up and use free limitless Internet access.


1. An Ooredoo Oman SIM card with zero data and call credit
2. An Android device, iOS, or PC.
3. Ha Tunnel Plus tunneling app
4. The configuration settings

How to set up the Ooredoo Unlimited with HA Tunnel Plus

1. Click here to download HA Tunnel Plus VPN and then install
2. Download the network configuration file
File 1 Expiration – August 30
File 1 Expiration – August 30
File 1 Expiration – August 30
File 1 Expiration – August 30
3. Open the app and click on the three dots by top right side of the screen.
4. Click on “Import/Export” and then “Import Config
5. Now locate the configurations you downloaded earlier and click to import.
6. Now click on Start and then wait for the connection to go through. When it does. minimize and enjoy free net access. In case you encounter any issue, disconnect and reconnect, or upload a new file if there is any.
NB: This Guide is clearly meant for educational purposes. Fbhtechinfo bears no responsibility for its usage. We are clearly showing the vulnerabilities that exist in Telecommunications companies.

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