Valve took apart the Steam Deck on video, but does not recommend assembling it to anyone

The luckier ones can receive their reserved Steam Deck device at the end of this year, which is essentially nothing more than an ultraportable computer designed for games. The manufacturer, Valve, published a video the other day in which they open up the device to see what kind of magic is driving it. During the video, it is emphasized that even though the Deck can be disassembled, if possible, no one should experiment with such a thing at home.

The Nintendo Switch dominates the portable gaming machine market almost without a challenger, which may now be boosted a bit by the Steam Deck, provided that Valve’s compact machine is a success. In the footage just published, a prosthetic is still visible, and the creator of the video also notes that the final arrangement and design of the parts may change before release. Who knows, maybe it was considered Linus Sebastian’s concerns about warming.

The first thing that is stated at the beginning of the video is that although anyone can disassemble the device, this is not recommended for anyone. If someone unwisely starts fiddling around inside the Steam Deck, the battery can even catch fire, or a careless touch can send some static under the cover, cutting out internal components.

It really seems that durability is one of the most important aspects of the Steam Deck, and this is only possible if everything can be easily replaced and repaired. The video also explains, for example, how easy it is to replace the analog controls that were developed specifically for this device. It’s not just an analog controller, is it, but a small touch-sensitive surface? The manufacturer promises that replacement parts will become available in the coming months. This is very good news.

There is also talk of replacing the M.2 SSD drive, otherwise the module inside the device was chosen specifically for the Steam Deck, and users should not replace it, because the new drive will not necessarily fit perfectly and may even cause interference with the Wi -Fi connection.

Steam Deck pre-orders started in July, those who booked the fastest can get the device in December. The Steam Deck is a portable mini gaming PC with a starting price of $399, which includes a 64GB model that can be expanded with a memory card. As for the hardware characteristics, an AMD Zen 2 + RDNA 2 APU does the work inside the device, supplemented with 16 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of storage. The device has its own screen, which is 7 inches and provides a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, but any monitor can be connected to the machine via the USB-C port, which is also used for charging.

Source: Valve

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